NPD Garage Mural

Norwalk Hometown Pride is bringing a community mural to the Police Department garage at North & Cherry in mid-2021. Designed by Norwalk artist Lucinda Sperry, the mural design (shown below) reflects the unifying parts of Norwalk through flowers, symbolizing our giving and growing community.

Approved Mural Design – coming in June 2021

Each flower in the design has symbolic significance. From left:

  • A magnolia blossom represents the magnolia tree arboretum at Brownie Park, the only magnolia arboretum in Iowa.
  • The peony portrays the national flower of Kosovo, home of Norwalk’s sister city Vushtrri.
  • The orange day lily is well known to floral fans in central Iowa and seen in many Norwalk gardens. It’s also Chief of Police Greg Staples’ favorite flower.
  • The coneflower is the theme of a sculpture in our new Elizabeth Holland Park.
  • The smaller prairie roses lower in the mural are the state flowers of Iowa.

Norwalk Hometown Pride, won a grant to assist with funding paint for the mural, knows the mural will be a popular photo setting for residents and visitors.


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